Sacramento May Be Losing The Kings

Sacramento Kings may move to Anaheim The Sacramento Kings reign in Sacramento may soon be over.

Sacramento’s Mayor and former NBA player Kevin Johnson, believes and posted on his blog that the team will likely relocate to Anaheim next season.

Of course, money is the culprit. The Maloof brothers, owners of the Kings, have been battling to secure public funds to help build a new arena in Sacramento, but their efforts have fallen short.

According to the AP, the Kings lawyers have already filed for federal trademark registrations with the Anaheim or Los Angeles Royals as possible new team names.

The Maloof brothers have until April 18 to decide if they are going to relocate the team to Anaheim.

The 17-52 Kings will play their last home game on April 13, in turn, it may be the franchise’s last game ever in Sacramento.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sacramento doesn't have the money to support a major league team. It's just the Capitol City for California and a former Railroad Town. Most of the folk who work there work for the City, the County, the State and tons of other special districts. If they scrimp and save they might be able to afford a couple of tickets a season.

  2. Sacramento is as broke as all the other cities. Without all the crap of where people work. Sacramento was a Gold-Rush city and is still the heart of California.

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