Sacramento Man Unloads A Car He Stole, Can’t Unload The Kings Tickets Inside

If there was ever a story that drove the point home that Sacramento will more than likely lose the Kings, this is it. Twenty seven year-old David Morris stole a car that contained 60 Kings tickets. When Sacramento police found the car, there were still 29 tickets left in the car.

An Orangevale man has been arrested on suspicion of stealing a vehicle that contained 60 tickets to an upcoming Sacramento Kings game belonging to a local nonprofit organization, according to a Sacramento Sheriff’s Department news release.
The vehicle was found several days later and investigators developed information that led them to conduct a probation search at a residence in the 9300 block of Ottoman Way in Orangevale.

Deputies conducted the search 10 a.m. today, and recovered 29 tickets that had been donated to the foundation, the release states.

So am I the only one wondering who in their right mind wanted the other 31?

Thought not.

Orangevale man arrested for stealing vehicle — and 60 Kings tickets (Sacramento Bee)

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