Richard Williams Has Finally Gotten Out The Game

Gather round. Time to pour out a little liquor from our pimp cups for the playa Richard Williams. You all remember Richard Williams, right? Venus and Serena Williams’ dad. Richard Williams, who had a little tenderoni that is 37 years younger than him. Yeah, now you remember. Well, he decided to marry that tenderoni, thus taking himself out the game.

Tennis champs Venus and Serena Williams have a new stepmom — and she’s barely older than the Palm Beach Gardens sisters are!

Their famous stage dad, Richard Williams, was quietly hitched two days before New Year’s Eve to a grocery store owner who is 37 years younger.

According to a marriage license in the Palm Beach County archives, the 69-year-old Richard Williams was legally wed for the second time Dec. 29 to a 32-year-old Broward native Lakeisha Graham.

Sad, sad day. We’ve lost yet another playa to marriage life.

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