One Minute Jadeveon Clowney Was Getting A Standing Ovation In A Bar, The Next He Was Being Frisked By Police

Jadeveon Clowney being frisked by Columbia police officers

The gem of South Carolina’s recruiting class and unanimous top high school player Jadeveon Clowney found himself in a bar late last night in Columbia, South Carolina. Upon stepping foot in the “Salty Nut”, the locals promptly gave their 18 year-old savior a standing ovation. Presumably, for signing with their beloved Gamecocks and because that’s just how great players are treated in college towns.

But then, something happened. And after that something happened, we end up with the picture above of Clowney being frisked by Columbia police.

A witness at the scene said Clowney was not detained and the cause of the search wasn’t immediately discernible. I’ll check with Columbia P.D. once I get going in the morning. It could take it a little while to get a report filed and available – if there’s one at all.

Witnesses said college kids, aware of who the subject of the incident was, were booing and becoming upset. I’ve already had some students upset with me because I retweeted the pic.

It’s one thing to go to Five Points; lots of people do. It’s another to wind up in that situation. Especially if you have Clowney’s size and profile.

Even if it winds up being nothing in the end, the fact that Clowney is even in that position is no good if you’re him or the Gamecocks. Not the sort of tone you want to set before you even officially arrive on campus.

When your stud recruit is being frisked by the police in the town where he will spend the next 3 or 4 years of his life, it’s definitely not a good look for Clowney or South Carolina

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