Ohio States Fans Come Out For The Chance To Take A Photo With A Memorabilia Signing Jim Tressel Robot

We’ve done our share our casually mocking southern schools for their Walmart BCS trophy photos, but this has to take the cake. Sure, Jim Tressel won’t be coaching for a while. And sure, he gave the Ohio State faithful an apology that wasn’t really an apology. But the love seems to continue to flow for their sweater vested head Buckeye. So much so that The Ohio State University Alumni Association website has a eleven page photo gallery of Buckeye fans attempting to take a picture with Jim Tressel. And by “attempting”, I mean Tressel rarely looks at the camera because he’s too busy signing various things.

Robot Jim Tressel has obviously been built in Columbus and it made its debut for this event.

Poor kid. He probably thinks it’s cool to wear sweater vests during a football game

Standing directly behind Robot Jim Tressel may be hazardous to your health, sir

Robot Jim Tressel doesn’t shake hands, sir

Robot Jim Tressel would like it if you didn’t get so close ma’am.

I think you get the point, so I’ll stop now.

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