NFL Decides That Original Deal Offered To Relocated Super Bowl Fans Is Too Fair, So They’re No Longer Honoring It

The last thing the NFL needs while just trying to keep its doors open for another season is a possible PR nightmare. Knowing that this is the case, what do they do? Create a possible PR nightmare for themselves.

The story of the group of fans that were uprooted from their seats at the Super Bowl and sent over yonder to watch the festivities has been discussed ad nauseum. There were pissed of fans, lawsuits, and an owner who had gone into hiding until the NFL decided to try and make things right.

Fast forward a month later and the fans are still pissed off, the owner is still pretty much hiding, and the NFL is done trying to make things right.

The NFL, already scrambling to shake bad publicity over the Super Bowl seating scandal, may be in even more hot water.

News 8 has learned that league officials have apparently backed off on a promise made to displaced fans on Super Sunday.

Two-thousand of them were moved elsewhere inside the stadium to watch the game; 400 were moved outside to watch on big-screen monitors.

All were inconvenienced to some degree, and the NFL had vowed to make it right.
At game time, inconvenienced fans were given a letter promising them “a refund equal to three time the face value of each ticket.”

But now, four weeks later, the offer has changed for most of the fans.

For the 2,000 who were allowed to watch the game inside the stadium, the offer has been revised.

According to a settlement package sent to ticketholders on Monday, they can either receive a check for the face value of their ticket or a free ticket to any future Super Bowl game.

“It seems to me the NFL is saying, ‘That’s just kind of what happens, sometimes… we’re sorry, here’s your face value,'” said Plano ticket broker Steve Parry of Golden Tickets.

The NFL admits the current offer differs from what many were told on game day.
“We are reviewing each situation and would welcome the opportunity to talk further with upset fans,” said NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy.

Looks like positive PR isn’t something the NFL is interested in anymore.

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