The New Jersey Nets Can’t Even Conquer The Atlantic Division, Yet They Have Plans To Conquer The World

The old adage is to crawl before you walk. Take baby steps until you’re ready to take grown up steps. Nets’ owner Mikhail Prokhorov doesn’t live by this adage. And apparently, he doesn’t intend for the New Jersey Nets to live by that adage either.

Owned by a Russian and awaiting a move to New York, the New Jersey Nets are going global.

The NBA team is on a mission to become the face of the league outside the United States, cheered by fans across Europe, Asia and Africa.

Um, ok.

Nets CEO Brett Yorkman tells The Associated Press the team’s goal is “to project ourselves in a global fashion.”

The Nets were bought by Russian businessman Mikhail Prokhorov last year. They get another chance to raise their international profile they play the Toronto Raptors on Friday and Saturday in London in the first regular-season NBA games in Europe.

I’m all for thinking big, but how about becoming the face of your part of the country before trying to become the face of the league outside of the country. Just a thought.

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