Kendrick Perkins Says Dwyane Wade Falls Asleep On Defense Too Much

Kendrick Perkins Oklahoma City Thunder

We all know that Kendrick Perkins was traded by Boston to Oklahoma City in February. But for some reason Perkins is still worried about what’s going on with his old team instead of his new one. Perkins recently spoke about the confidence his old teammates have against the Heat. And namely, Perkins believes that Ray Allen is licking his chops when Dwyane Wade is guarding him.

because Dwyane falls asleep a lot. He doesn’t like to guard screen-and-rolls, and that’s what Ray specializes in. Dwyane doesn’t like to get picked. He’s a good on-the-ball defender as far as a guy dribbling, but he struggles getting over screens.”

Now you know the interview could not be complete without Chris Bosh getting talked about. When asked if Bosh could slow down Kevin Garnett, Perkins doesn’t believe its going to happen.

“I definitely don’t think so,” Perkins said. “I know KG takes it personal when he goes against Bosh”.

Well, there you have it. Hopefully Perkins will start focusing on his current team now.

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  1. Uncle Jim says:

    WELL That's just Bullshit! Don't ask him questions about his old team, and he won't talk about them! I swear, sometimes I think reporters and editors have their head up their hoohaws!

  2. Anonymous says:

    perkins told the truth…I watch every game wade plays and he hit it dead on…you can tell he played for a good coach, cause he knows exactly how to beat the heat….and Bosh is garbage

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