JaVale McGee Doesn’t Care If You Didn’t Like How He Messed Around And Got A Triple Double

JaVale McGee

If you recall, JaVale McGee tirelessly worked for his first ever triple double Tuesday night in a game that the Wizards lost by double digits to the Bulls. Of course, McGee was criticized by the likes of Kevin McHale and others, but McGee could care less. Because see, in his eyes, he can now boast that he has achieved the highest prize that a professional basketball player can achieve. He recorded a triple double.

Take that McHale.

“I got a triple-double,” McGee said. “Who can say they got a triple-double? I’m not really worried about it.”

Well, Oscar Robertson recorded 181 of them. But I guess I see what you’re getting at. Go on….

“I couldn’t understand how they was saying it was like Ricky Davis,” McGee said. “The thing about it is, I wasn’t trying to get a triple-double until they started running plays for me at the end. So, that’s totally different.”

You were trying, but you weren’t trying? Um, ok?

McGee said he wasn’t going to let the disparagement of his triple-double affect him. “It’s not disappointing. I got a triple-double. I’m not disappointed. It’s just them saying what they say.”


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