Jack Clark Gets A New Job Talking About Those “Poopy In Their Pants” St. Louis Cardinals

Jack Clark

Good news Cardinals fans. You will indeed get another season of St. Louis’ critically acclaimed ranter, Jack Clark.

Yeah, I know he quit his job (or got fired, same thing) with Fox Sports Midwest because he was tired of those “poopy in their pants” Cardinals. And that he had better things to do. But after a winter of rest, relaxation, and nothing to publicly be pissed off about, Clark has decided to provide his top notch analysis for another. And this time, he’ll be doing it for KTRS. A radio station, that the St. Louis Cardinals just so happen to have 50% ownership of.

This has train wreck written all over it.

Former Cardinal Jack Clark, who has made a name for himself in recent years by being extremely vocal at times about his old team, will work for KTRS (550 AM) this season — a station in which the team has 50 percent ownership. That comes after Clark wasn’t retained by Fox Sports Midwest and WXOS (101.1 FM) after he ripped the club following its collapse last season, saying on WXOS that “I’m seeing a pathetic effort. … they’re quitters.”

“Everybody thinks that because we’re half-owned by the Cardinals that they dictate our policy, but they never have said boo to me about how to do my show,” said McGraw Milhaven, who hosts the morning drive-time show on which Clark also will appear on occasion. “They just want good programming.”

“People want to hear honesty, and although some might not like it, you have to be true to yourself,” Clark said Thursday. “Sometimes you have to (grab) someone and scream in their face, other times give them a cookie and glass of milk. I give people breaks, but don’t like people lying and getting away with murder.”

I’ve said what needed to be said from an analyst’s point, that was my job, that’s what they paid me to do — to analyze as a former player,” he said. “I simply do my job when asked for my opinion. Just because (I) wore a Cardinals uniform, I’d be hypocritical if I wasn’t honest. Sometimes when things needed to be said, it was not to harm anything for the Cardinals. But you have to be honest when you’re paid to do that. I’d rather not work for a station” that wants sugar-coating of issues.

“Players who say I love to hear myself talk, they have to understand I have a job to do — maybe they should look in the mirror instead of pointing fingers at me or other people in the media,” Clark said. “Fans don’t always get the truth, I try to tell it the best I know and I’ve got to be me, that’s what this show will bring. I’ll apply my baseball and life experiences from being on this earth for 55 years. I’m lucky and blessed, the people of St. Louis have been very good to me for a long time. I’m just trying to give something back.”

You just keep giving something back, Jack. Never change. Never ever change.

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