I Guess It’s Safe To Say That Curt Schilling Thinks Manny Ramirez Did Steroids

Curt Schilling tweet

The ever opinionated Curt Schilling got just a tad bit bored on Friday so he took to his Twitter account for a little Q&A session with his followers. During his session that went on for a couple of days, Schilling gave his opinion on such subjects like “the best ground crew” and “favorite teammates” during his career. The session was prodding along on it’s boring path until someone asked Schilling who were the “best modern day hitters”.

From there Schilling proceeded to give his answer in two categories: Cheaters and Noncheaters. And that where things get interesting. Or in other words, he calls Manny Ramirez a cheater.

Now, since these two were teammates and almost kissed in the photo above, could Schilling know something we don’t? I mean, could he have seen Manny putting the ol needle in the cheek? Or could it have been common knowledge during the time that they were teammates that Manny was cheating? We may never know, but for Schilling to tweet something like that, and leave it up, it has to count for something.

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