Here’s What Happens When Tommy Hilfiger Designs Professional Sports Uniforms

Tommy Hilfiger Cowboys jersey

Back in the 90’s everyone wore Tommy Hilfiger or “Tommy shirts”. In the 2000’s, no one wears Tommy Hilfiger except your great uncle who likes his pants hiked up over his belly button. Knowing these two facts, ESPN The Magazine decided to ask Tommy Hilfiger to put their touch on a few professional sports teams uniforms.

The result is the foolishness above and to follow.

Montreal Canadiens

Tommy Hilfiger Canadiens jersey

Los Angles Lakers

Tommy Hilfiger Lakers jersey

New York Yankees

Tommy Hilfiger Yankees jersey

Yep, these definitely look right up your great uncle’s alley.

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  1. yeah, an alternative jersey for the New York Yankees seems like a great idea.

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