The Glory Lines: NBA Dunk Contest Was Rigged, ESPN Creating Its Own Sports Media Blog, & NBA Players Like Taking Naps

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The NBA Dunk Contest Was (Maybe, A Little Bit) Totally Rigged! (SB Nation)

Notre Dame to end use of hydraulic lifts to film practices after student’s death (CP)

Braylon Edwards says he wants to return to Jets, and they want him back (NY Post)

Stan Van Gundy says ‘we all have’ seen players cry after games (Orlando Sentinel)

What If College Football Was Narrated Like A Nature Film? (Outside the Boxscore)

Napping on Game Day Is Prevalent Among N.B.A. Players (NY Times)

ESPN Launching a New Sports Media Blog, To Cover Itself (The Big Lead)

Here’s a compilation of the Heat’s prowess in clutch situations

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