For Chipper Jones, Spring Training Is A Time To Share His Conspiracy Theory About JFK’s Assassination

Chipper Jones

Chipper Jones isn’t a young buck anymore. After 17 MLB seasons, Jones isn’t thinking about the things he used to. So this spring, while the younger players are pondering things like how many cars they should buy, where can they hang out after practice, and how can they be sure they make the team, Jones is busy pondering more important things. And in Chipper’s eyes, more important things are things like who really killed John F. Kennedy.

Spoiler Alert: He thinks it was the U.S. government.

You saw that coming, right?

“Having shot a hunting rifle all my life, I personally believe there was more than one shooter,” the six-time All Star said before an exhibition game at Disney’s Wide World of Sports. “The conspiracy behind it is what really intrigues me.

“I’m sure it went pretty high but I don’t know how high. Let’s just say somebody had to put it into motion — and it was somebody high-ranking in the U.S. government.”

Um, ok. Didn’t really need all that, but thanks for sharing, Chipper.

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  1. Well here is something no one mentions. Why did the magic bullet travel through all of these bodies, other shots just make holes and one shot blow Kennedy's head off? The common sense answer is simply different guns used.

  2. Anonymous says:

    There was a great two part documentary on the military channel on both the RFK and JFK assassinations about a month and a half ago.

    They meticulously recreated both assassinations right down to completely reconstructing the kitchen pantry RFK was shot in as well as recreating the magic bullet theory using the same model rifle, scope and even the exact same lot of ammunition used by Oswald.

    The documentary proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the magic bullet theory was totally plausible. The question though of there having been four, not three, gunshots fired though was inconclusive.

    The RFK assassination was a completely different matter. There were 12 bullets found in the pantry that were fired, and Sirhan Sirhan only fired off the 8 in his gun.

    Only two of Sirhan's 8 shots hit RFK, yet he was shot 4 times. One of Sirhan's shots went into the ceiling, 2 into RFK, and 5 into by-standers standing behind RFK in the pantry.

    The LA Coroner also ruled that the fatal shot that killed RFK was fired less than 2" from RFK's skull, which ruled out Sirhan as having fired the fatal shot (he got no closer than 3 feet from Kennedy during the shooting).

    JFK had more political enemies though that Bayer has aspirin. Hoover, head of the FBI, hated both Kennedy's with a passion.

    The Joint Chiefs of Staff (military), were convinced that JFK was going to end the war in Vietnam, leaving them with nothing to do and no purpose.

    The secret service wasn't briefed on the intelligence gathered by both the CIA and the FBI on the days preceding the fatal shooting.

    Castro had a revenge motive for the Bay of Pigs fiasco as well as the CIA's attempts to kill him.

    And then there's the mob, who felt they were double crossed by the Kennedy's after having gotten Chicago Mayor Daley to swing JFK's election by the electoral college by having thousands of dead people cast votes for JFK on election day.

    After JFK's election, RFK as the new Attorney General immediately went on a crusade to put the mob out of business.

    Personally? I think that there WAS a second shooter, but we'll never no for sure. In the case of RFK? The evidence is overwhelming that there was a second shooter.

  3. Anonymous says:

    One other thing of note… right after the Warren Commission's white-washing report of the JFK assassination, the government ordered many sensitive documents relating to the JFK murder investigation sealed until something like 2037. That begs the question, if the government had nothing to hide, why would they do such a thing?

    When JD Edgar Hoover died, according to his personal secretary he had four very full file cabinet drawers full of documents relating to the Kennedy's, but mysteriously after he died when the locked file cabinet was finally opened, there were only a couple of small pendeflex sized files in the cabinet.

    That begs the question, what happened to the other 3 3/4's drawers full of material?

  4. gary lineberger says:

    well ghwb seems like the one to me

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