Everyone’s Favorite Fake Doctor/College Football Analyst Lou Holtz About To Officially Become A Fake Doctor

Dr. Lou

Lou Holtz is already parading himself as a doctor (amongst other things) so a particular university has decided to award him an honorary doctorate degree.

Can you guess who?

I’ll give you a minute to mull it over….

Yeah, I know you don’t need a minute. It’s obvious. Notre Dame.

And yes, I know he’s already received other honorary doctorate degrees, so you can keep that to yourself. Ok? Let’s move on.

Former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz will be among 13 people to receive honorary degrees from the school he led to a national championship in 1988.

The university announced Wednesday that Holtz would be given an honorary doctor of laws degree. Notre Dame previously had announced that Defense Secretary Robert Gates would be the speaker at the commencement May 22 at Notre Dame Stadium.

Well isn’t that grand? Now Holtz can place his honorary doctorate degree right next to his honorary college football analyst credentials.

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  1. What is your problem Evans…? Perhaps if you would get a REAL job you wouldn't have time to worry about other people's achievements.

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