Duncan’s Injury Spells Doom For Spurs

Tim Duncan injured The San Antonio Spurs started the season with a new offense and rotation that would feature Tim Duncan less, but would make the team harder to guard.

The new offense has worked thus far, the Spurs have the best record in the NBA at 57-13 and are seven games ahead of the Lakers with twelve games to play in the regular season.

Along with career lows in points and rebounds, 13.3ppg and 9rpg, Duncan is also playing a career low in minutes at 28 per game.

Greg Poppovich’s plan to preserve Duncan for the post season was intact until last night. In the first quarter of last night’s game against the Warriors, Duncan severely injured his left ankle, he was subsequently helped off the court and didn’t return.

The Spurs did win easily, 111-96, but lost their superstar for at least two weeks, according to teammate Antonio McDyess.

At worst, Duncan will be ready for the first round of the NBA playoffs, but how will the ankle heal? How long will it take for Duncan to get back into game shape?

San Antonio has thrived because their ‘Big 3,’ Duncan, Parker and Ginobili have been healthy this season. This injury, in my opinion, will effectively end the Spurs chances at this year’s NBA title.

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