Donald Sterling Surprises No One By Admitting That He Knows Nothing About Basketball

Donald Sterling

The beautiful thing about America is that anyone can be anything they want to be. As long as you put in the hard work and care about what you’re doing, the possibilities are endless.

The not-so beautiful thing about America is that a man, whose only inkling of knowledge about basketball is that heckling players is allowed (even if you personally pay those players), can actually own a NBA franchise. That, my friends is Donald Sterling personified. And during former Clippers’ executive Elgin Baylor’s wrongful termination civil trial, that not-so beautiful thing about America was on full display.

Clippers owner Donald Sterling testified Tuesday about his past deep loyalty and trust for former executive Elgin Baylor despite an admission by the owner that he wasn’t completely clear about the NBA legend he appointed vice president of player personnel in 1986.

“You didn’t know about his basketball career?” Baylor attorney Carl Douglas asked Sterling in his first day on the stand as Baylor’s wrongful termination civil lawsuit against the team continued at a Los Angeles courthouse. “His accomplishments? The Hall of Fame?”

“No,” Sterling answered. “… I didn’t know that. I hired him for $3,000 a month. I didn’t really know what his role was…. He was working in a mail-order company back then.”

When asked about a Baylor predecessor, Sterling said the name Carl Scheer “sounds familiar.” He added, “I don’t profess to know anything about basketball. I’m a professional lawyer.”

Only in America.

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