Cubs Prove They’re Already In Midseason Form By Fighting In The Dugout

Teams usually take things slow in spring training. They take their time assimilating new faces and it’s not until maybe a week before Opening Day that teams really begin to get serious. The Cubs have decided to deviate from that rule. Not only are they taking spring training games in the first week of March seriously, they’re fighting each other in the dugout over them.

Camp Tranquility under new manager Mike Quade turned into Camp Turmoil in the span of one inning in the fourth game of spring training Wednesday when Carlos Silva and Aramis Ramirez fought in the dugout after a three-error first inning.

No punches appeared to be thrown, and the two were separated quickly. But where it goes from here is the bigger issue — and the biggest test yet for Quade in his first year managing in the big leagues.

Oh yes, they’re serious…….this year. Hopefully.

Silva, who by several accounts started the scuffle by jawing about the errors behind him in the first inning — including a dropped pop-up by Ramirez — won’t be disciplined, Quade said, and Ramirez said he already has put the ‘‘misunderstanding’’ behind him.

‘‘Maybe that’s what we freaking need,’’ Quade said. ‘‘Maybe we need to get pissed off. [A 12-5 loss to the Milwaukee Brewers on Wednesday] was really tough to watch, and it hasn’t been fun to begin with. Guys get upset. We handle it in-house. I don’t think anything comes of it at all.’’

Maybe. But don’t count on this ¬being the last time something like this happens, if recent history means anything.

‘‘That’s part of the game,’’ Ramirez said. ‘‘[Quade’s] got to get used to it. That happens everywhere. It’s a long season. It’s going to happen. It’s not always going to be [perfect].’’

Strap in Cubs fans, it’s time for another bumpy ride. But you’re used to this. Look on the bright side, if the Cubs once again flame out, but you get to see dugout brawls once or twice a week, it a win right?

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