Byron Scott Feels The Same Way About Nicholas Cage’s New Movie As Nicholas Cage Probably Feels About A Cavs Game

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Byron Scott is currently having a few issues with his current gig, so he has decided to try his hand at being a film critic. And not any old kind of film critic. Scott aspires to be the type of film critic that gives you his opinion of a film without you even asking for it.

Reporters in Cleveland discovered Scott’s new found aspirations when one of them simply asked him did he watch the Spurs lose to the Grizzlies. He didn’t, but decided that it wasn’t enough for him to just say that. He needed to give them his opinion of Nicholas Cages’ new movie “Drive Angry”.

Scott said he didn’t see the Spurs loss at Memphis on Tuesday.

“I was at the movies,” he said. “I should’ve stayed home. The movie was terrible — Driving Angry in 3D, Nicolas Cage’s new movie. I like him, that’s why I went. I’m a big Nicolas Cage man, but I should’ve stayed home. Thumbs down on that movie.”

See, that’s not fair Byron. Nicholas Cage hasn’t said anything about your Cavs (that we know of). Maybe if he did, it would probably go like this:

Cage said he didn’t see Charlie Sheen’s appearance on 20/20 on Tuesday. (since you people have fell in love with Sheen of late)

“I was at the Cavs game,” he said. “I should’ve stayed home. The Cavs are terrible. I like the Cavs, that’s why I went. I’m a big Cavs man, but I should’ve stayed home. Thumbs down on that team.”

See, feeling is mutual.

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