Bonds’ Sexual Performance Ruined By Steroids

On Monday, during his federal perjury trial, Barry Bonds was forced to endure his ex-mistress’ testimony concerning the effects steroids had on their sex life. Bonds’ former mistress, Kimberly Bell, said that Bonds sexual performance declined in the latter parts of their relationship. Of course, a statement no man wants to hear.

Adding insult to injury, she also mentioned ‘shrinkage.’ That word and condition, simply stated, is Kryptonite to men everywhere. As a direct result of his steroid usage, according to Bell, Bonds’ testicles changed shape and shrunk over time. Why focus on this small aspect of the Bonds’ trial? Well, aside from the extremely hilarious nature of the subject it shows just how arrogant many of our country’s athletes can be.

Instead of being truthful about his steroid usage like other players have been, e.g., Andy Pettitte, he chose to lie and thus is being embarrassed and ridiculed while the whole world watches.

I agree that all of us are imperfect beings that inflict our own precarious situations from time to time, but this is something different. Bonds cheated then lied about cheating.

Instead of working out a plea deal or recanting his statements, eight years ago, he’s at trial. A trial that is costing American taxpayers money, you and me, casting a cloud of shame on his family and friends and damaging his legacy, plus he’ll never again be able to have sex with a woman without her closely examining his damaged, shrunken goods.

Ex-mistress shares details on Bonds (AP via FOX Sports)

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