Before Throwing Out The First Pitch At A LSU Baseball Game, Les Miles Decided To Delight The Crowd By Eating Grass

After turning down Michigan and seemingly having LSU fans fall back in love with him, even though the man can’t spell clock management, Les Miles is comfortable again. So comfortable that when tasked to throw out the first pitch at the LSU-Cal State Fullerton game, he decided to treat the crowd to his special talent (besides using all three time out in a span of two minutes), eating grass.

Miles threw out the first pitch before Friday’s LSU-Cal State Fullerton baseball game, though he admitted it wasn’t a strike.

“If I was officiating it I would have called it a ball,” he said. “But I thought it was framed extremely well by our catcher (Grant Dozar).”

Miles also played to the crowd a bit, snatching up a blade of infield grass and chewing on it as he did in a now famous moment during November’s Alabama football game. He also offered a piece to baseball coach Paul Mainieri.

“Mainieri ate a piece, too,” Miles said. “And late in the game, it helped.” LSU beat Fullerton 7-6 Friday.

What would we do if Les Miles wasn’t around? I don’t know how I would entertain myself.

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