Before It’s All Over, We All Are Going To End Up Hating VCU

When I say us, I remove myself because I only kinda dislike them because they eliminated my beloved Florida State Seminoles in the “Sweet Sixteen. The hate? Well that is reserved for Leonard Hamilton’s offensive coaching ability, but that’s a whole ‘nother story that we can discuss at a later date.

The story that we can discuss at this date is how VCU is slowly turning their run to the Final Four from a “feel good Cinderella” story into a, “boy, I hate these guys” story.

And as usual, it’s not the players or coaches that are annoying as many people as they can during this week leading up to the biggest game in school history, it’s the creative, but not so creative following that’s doing the damage.

Don’t look all surprised. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

Exhibit A: Shaka’s Got ‘Em Believing

For real?

Exhibit B: There Goes My Bracket T-Shirt

Cute. But most brackets were ruined the first weekend. And it wasn’t just because of VCU. Simmer down

Exhibit C: Whatcha Talking Bout Bilas T-Shirt

Clever. Really clever. But the whole “sticking it to Jay Bilas” thing, while great, is quickly becoming not so great.

I think we can stop there and just hope and pray that we’re not forced to hate everything VCU. But sadly, if they win on Saturday, or even *gulp*, Monday, things will become unbearable.

Photos via @KBurkeDC, VCU’s website

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I doubt that we'll end up hating VCU. Is it possible that you're more bitter than you realize?

  2. S. Evans says:


  3. Ray23002 says:

    I live in Richmond, VA so there is no way I personally could ever hate VCU, but I will ALWAYS hate Jay Bilas. The way he berated the team like they had only won 3 games all season was incredible. So if VCU does win the whole thing, maybe Bilas should return to being a full time lawyer instead of a half-assed analyst.

  4. Los Brown says:

    VCU is having a great season but college sports is set up for the big boys to win, at least consistently. As for Bilas, he was just doing his job. The NCAA big wigs that choose the tournament field claim that pick teams based on RPI, SOS(strength of schedule) and the eye test, actually watching the teams play. In reality, they don't so VCU benefited from the committee's lack of knowledge of all the teams and whether if they are tournament worthy or not. Still glad that VCU has had a good run so far.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am a lifelong resident of Virginia and a past resident of Richmond, and for me all the remarks are just "sour grapes". Go to it, VCU!!! From a non-basketball fan.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, that clever music video and those hilarious t-shirts have left me in a white hot rage…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Im a die hard Purdue fan, and to watch VCU embarrass Purdue in the tourney was tough to watch. Even with this, I do not hate VCU. Good for them for accomplishing all they have so far. You are simply bitter that an unknown team came out and destroyed everyone. This is March Madness, so quit cryin

  8. Anonymous says:

    How can you hate on VCU based on everyone getting behind them…afterall Shaka Smart has the best name ever!!!! and the team seems really grateful for all of the support of the fans and the community, but afterall I do have two degrees from VCU, and live in Richmond so maybe I am a little biased. The one thing that I would love to see is Jay Bilas sitting on ESPN in a VCU shirt and to simply say "I was wrong". Maybe everybody would be so gung-ho if all of the analysts hadn't been so negative in all of the commentary from the beginning…just a thought.

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