Baseball Is Back!

Opening Day is less that twenty hours away. The boys of summer are heading back to the field. MLB’s Opening Day has a sort of mystique to it. It has some type of euphoric feeling attached that can be felt by sports addicts everywhere.

I’ve had enough of 24-hour NFL Lockout coverage, the Lebron James saga and the embarrassing, at least for him, Barry Bonds perjury trial.

It’s time for baseball.

Undoubtedly, with the start of a new season comes much speculation. Who will be the AL/NL MVP? Which player will have a break out year? Oh yeah, my favorite, who will win the World Series?

Many analysts have already written a eulogy for the 2010 World Series champions, the San Francisco Giants. Most believe they won’t win the NL West or make it to the postseason in the Wild Card slot.

In other MLB news, Jeter has been relegated to the number two spot in the Yankees lineup, the Phillies are expected to dominate with Roy Halladay leading a group pitching stars and the Red Sox have added batting and speed with the off season acquisitions of Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford.

Tomorrow marks the end of speculation and the start of a new day. Followed by days that will show who has the greatest pitching staff, hitter and team. Opening Day is officially here, well almost.

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