Barry Bonds’ Voicemails To Kimberly Bell Went From Nice To Not So Nice

Barry Bonds and Kimberly Bell

As the federal government is readying their perjury case against Barry Bonds, evidence is slowly beginning to trickle out in the media. Case in point, voicemails that Bonds’ ex-mistress Kimberly Bell kept from her relationship with Bonds.

The voicemails show two distinct sides of Bonds. The side of him that isn’t the jerk that he is said to be. Exhibited in a voicemail like this one:

Hey honey bunny, what’s going on? … I haven’t called you in a couple of days because I’ve been stuck with one car and I’ve been getting dropped off at the ballpark, and once I get to work, I don’t think about calling nobody.

That’s sweet aint it?

The other side of him, which the feds will undoubtedly use against him, is exhibited in a voicemail like this one:

Yo – pick up the phone. That means you’re not home. That means you’re up to something you ain’t supposed to. I’m supposed to know where you go, later.

The Ike Turner voicemails certainly don’t stop there.

I’ll call you a little later after I do this commercial shoot, but they said you were gone, so you better explain to me where the f—- you are!

I’ll find you. Now my blood temperature is rising.

Kim, it’s 6:36. Now I done called three times. You, I mean you can’t even explain it, mother. I’m pissed, ‘cause I already called you at work, so you’re not at f—ing work, either!

Yo! Do not leave that house ‘til you hear from me! Okay? Bye.

If I don’t know where you are, then a n—-’s gonna kill somebody, goodbye.

Kim, I just paged you, now I’m pissed. F– it, I don’t give a f– what, you better just find me. Well, why don’t you just page me, however, I’ll find you. But if I page you, your ass better drop every f–g thing and call me back!

Roid rage? Maybe.

Fearing that he may lose his marriage and his marriage? Most likely.

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