And Here’s The Tale Of How A Few Ex-New York Rangers Struck Out With Kim Kardashian

For those of you that believe that Kim Kardashian is a jersey chaser, here’s a story where she actually turns down a few athletes. Well, former athletes. Former athletes that she probably has never heard of.

Carmelo Anthony and LaLa Vasquez watched the Arizona vs. Connecticut NCAA game at Southern Hospitality in Hell’s Kitchen Saturday night. Kim Kardashian came to meet LaLa, but proved a big distraction for ex-New York Rangers Bryan Berard, Brian Leetch and Adam Graves across the room. Kim left early, and a spy tells us, “On her way out, the Rangers introduced them selves to her. The guys tried to charm Kim — she was polite but not interested. They even tried getting her phone number.”

Pass interference (NY Post)

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