University of Florida Cuts Financial Ties With Urban Meyer Because Of ESPN Gig

Urban Meyer takes a job with ESPN

For the many of you that wondered how Urban Meyer would be able to have a role at the University of Florida and work for ESPN, wonder no more. He won’t be getting paid by them both because the University of Florida and Meyer have agreed to cut financial ties citing possible NCAA violations.

With concerns over potential NCAA recruiting violations, new ESPN college football analyst and former University of Florida football coach Urban Meyer has been forced to break financial ties with the Gators, the Sentinel has learned.

Meyer had remained on UF’s payroll in an undefined role since resigning as coach in December. But earlier this week when he signed a deal to become a college football analyst for ESPN, it raised red flags with the SEC and NCAA. After UF contacted those organizations about the potentially problematic situation, the wheels were set in motion for Meyer to being taken off the university’s payroll.

It would have been a dicey situation for UF and possibly against NCAA rules had Meyer, who is appearing today on ESPN’s coverage of National Signing Day, publicly discussed potential recruits as a paid employee and representative of UF.

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