Tim Floyd Gets Ejected, Loses His Mind, Requires A Police Escort Back To The Locker Room

Tim Floyd has quietly coached UTEP to a 20-8 record in his first year as their coach. The allegations that he paid OJ Mayo to attend USC, allegations that ultimately caused him to resign, have become a distant memory. And Floyd, from all accounts, has been a model citizen at his new gig. Floyd has been on such good behavior that he had yet to even earn a technical foul this season. That all changed in last night’s loss to East Carolina.

Floyd got in a verbal altercation with a referee which eventually got him tossed from the game. At some point in it all, Floyd decided that he wasn’t leaving the floor without a police escort. He got that police escort. That led to assistant coach Phil Johnson getting to a verbal altercation with the same referee which eventually got him tossed from the game as well.

After the game, Floyd gave his “account” of the altercation:

“I think it was a coaching box violation,” said Floyd, who had not received a technical foul this season. “I had my big toe out of the box, received a warning, turned my back and walked to the bench and got a technical. I’d never seen him (the official who issued all the technicals) before and I don’t know who he is. I’ve always earned my technicals and I didn’t feel like I earned it.”

Um ok. Well, here’s Tim Floyd not earning his technicals last night:

Yeah, you definitely earned those, Tim.

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