The Steelers Arrived In Dallas Yesterday And Promptly Headed To The Strip Club

The Pittsburgh Steelers landed in Dallas night to begin their final week of preparation for the Super Bowl. After landing, presumably the fellas got their bags and headed to their rooms. Some presumably remained in their room for the remainder of the night. Some presumably went out for a nice dinner. And some definitely went out to see first hand if there really is a stripper shortage in the Dallas area.

It didn’t take long for the Pittsburgh Steelers to sample some of the adult entertainment Dallas has to offer.

Late Monday night, hours after they arrived here, Hines Ward, Ike Taylor and several other members of the Pittsburgh Steelers kicked it at Dallas Gentlemen’s Club on Northwest Highway in Dallas.

A number of other pro athletes were there as well.

When Ward and his teammates entered the club, super hot dancers converged on them. They spent a few minutes in the VIP at the back of the club. But as the music pumped and the bootylicious women strode across the four stages, the Steelers huddled in the front corner of the club for closer looks.

Ward, wearing a plaid shirt and jeans, danced with a couple of strippers. At one point, he tossed out dollars as various hotties gave him lap dances. Other Steelers joined him in the fun.

At one point, near midnight, the Steelers, including huge linemen, appeared on the main stage., There they posed and danced with an assortment of strippers. After all, it was “make it rain Monday” at the club. And some of the players certainly made it rain with their dollar bills.

Who doesn’t love “Make it rain Monday”?

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