The NBA Is Not Amused By Eddie House’s “Big Ball Dance”, Fines Him $25K

Eddie House’s big ball dance

Eddie House has hit a few big shots in his day. And frankly, that’s what he’s known for. On Sunday, House did it again by sinking the Oklahoma Thunder with a big time 3 pointer with 22.2 seconds left in the game that led to the Heat beating the Thunder 108-103.

The reaction though, hasn’t been about how big of a shot that was, the reaction has been about House’s celebratory “big ball dance”. Most everyone loved. I mean, who can’t enjoy a man running down the court gesturing how big his balls are? That’s classic.

And it was just classic enough for the NBA to fine him $25K.

Miami Heat guard Eddie House was fined $25,000 Monday by the NBA for what the league deemed an obscene gesture after he converted the game-deciding 3-pointer with 22.2 seconds left in Sunday’s 108-103 road victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder.

In a statement, the NBA announced that House was fined, “for making an obscene gesture, it was announced today by Stu Jackson, NBA Executive Vice President, Basketball Operations.”

“They made their decision and that’s what it is,” House said before the game.

House, who was signed in the offseason for the league minimum salary, offered a similar gesture with his hands by his groin area after converting the deciding two free throws in Friday’s 88-87 victory at AmericanAirlines Arena over the Detroit Pistons.

House was not sanctioned for the Friday gesture, which was identical to Sunday’s gesture and mimicked a gesture offered throughout his career by former NBA guard Sam Cassell.

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