Looks Like Brett Favre Is Becoming A Forgotten Man In Green Bay

Favre Barn has been turned into Mr. Rodgers' neighborhood

Brett Favre used to be the golden boy in Green Bay. But now that Aaron Rodgers has led their Green Bay Packers to a Super Bowl title, Rodgers has stolen the hearts of many cheese heads.

Now, the Packers’ brass still sees Favre in light that may eventually bring him back to the organization, but some fans have clearly moved on. Which to Patti Schroeder means turning her “Favre Barn” into an Aaron Rodgers shrine.

Patti Schroeder’s “Favre Barn” got updated over the weekend.
For years, the highly visible red barn along Highway 10/45 in Winnebago County, a few miles east of Fremont, bore a tribute to No. 4. That changed over the weekend.
With help from a neighbor, Schroeder posted a new message, honoring the Packers’ No. 12, quarterback Aaron Rodgers: “#12 is 3x #4.”

Favre Barn

She said it was time to update the barn’s message, which reflected her despair over Packers’ decision to trade Favre to the New York Jets. “4Ever in Our ♥” read the original message.

The barn became known locally as the “Favre barn,” she said. But, she said, it was time for a change to celebrate the Super Bowl-bound team and its quarterback. After kicking around several ideas with friends, she laid out the pieces for the new message on her kitchen floor. Then she and the neighbor got out the ladders.

“It’s 40 feet up there. I needed some help,” Schroeder said.

Schroeder has a new name for the barn: “Mr. Rodgers’ neighborhood.”

And the onslaught of Brett Favre continues.

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  1. weakknees@gbpackersfan.com says:

    yeh. the Favre name is "forgotten" in GB. who wrote this article, a thawed out Neantherthal?

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