Let’s Start The Week With The Colonel Reb Foundation Refusing To Let Go Of The Rebel As Ole Miss’ Mascot

The whole fuss about Ole Miss’ old mascot being insensitive is well chronicled. The process by which a new mascot was chosen has also been chronicled. The new mascot has been chosen and is in place, but the Colonel Reb Foundation refuses to embrace any mascot other than the Rebel.

A mascot at Ole Miss since the 1940s based on a real person at Ole Miss, Colonel Reb has transformed from a character in the student annual, to a student cheerleader voted to be on the sidelines during games, to a professional mascot for Ole Miss. In 2003, the University administration tried to change the mascot despite 94 percent of students voting to keep Colonel Reb on the field. Ole Miss is now the only school in the SEC that does not have a mascot.

So how does an organization in the South get the word out about their cause? A billboard, of course.

The Colonel Reb Foundation should really calm down. I mean, it could have been worse. Instead of Black Bears, they could be stuck with Hotty Toddy.

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  1. I can't imagine a group of people in the South wanting to hold on to something in the past.

  2. Los Brown says:

    Old traditions die hard, especially in the South. The funny thing is, most people fail to realize what the Colonel actually represents.

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