Lakers Trying To Swoop In And Steal Carmelo Anthony

Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony

We’ve heard for months that Carmelo Anthony was headed to New Jersey. Or that he wants to play in New York. Or that he really wants the Bulls to trade for him.

Well, it seems the Los Angeles Lakers are tired of no one actually getting Carmelo Anthony and they’ve decided that they’re going to show all these other teams how it’s done.

The Lakers and the Denver Nuggets have had preliminary discussions about a blockbuster trade that would send Carmelo Anthony to Los Angeles, according to league sources. The Lakers’ package would be built around Andrew Bynum.

Yep, the Lakers aren’t playing.

Talks are in the preliminary stages, but it appears that another option besides the New York Knicks has materialized for the Nuggets.

“There have been discussions between the two teams,” one of the sources said. “The Lakers are definitely an option.”

Of course, Anthony, who can opt out of his contract after this season, would likely have to agree to sign a three-year, $65 million extension with the Lakers for them to part with Bynum. But Los Angeles is believed to be a city Anthony would be amenable to playing in, as he and his wife, La La Vasquez, bought a home there last summer. Two people close to Anthony said the Nuggets superstar would sign off on a deal that would make him a Laker.

As he should.

The Nuggets have no interest in Lakers forward Ron Artest and sources said they may not insist on getting Lamar Odom either. A straight-up trade of Anthony for Bynum meets the financial requirements of the collective bargaining agreement, but more players could be involved since Denver would look to shed as much salary as possible.

You see that, teams in the NBA? While you continue to talk about all the players you won’t give up, the Lakers are going to swoop in for Carmelo just like they did for Pau Gasol. And then we’ll have to deal with annoying Lakers fans once again.

Thanks a lot.

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