John Fox, Once Again, Proclaims His Love For Mediocre Quarterbacks By Naming Kyle Orton His Starter

Before we begin, please don’t take this as an indication that I think Tim Tebow is a starting quarterback in the NFL because I don’t. What this is though is an indication that I think John Fox shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions regarding the quarterback position. Ever.

This is the same man that hitched his wagon to Jake Delhomme and watched helplessly from the sideline while Delhomme blew playoff game after playoff game. And what did Fox do every offseason after Delhomme screwed him over? He signed up for more.

Now, he somehow gets a new job with the Denver Broncos and what does he do? Hitch his wagon to a Jake Delhomme impersonator in Kyle Orton before training camp even begins.

New Broncos coach John Fox seems open to a quarterback competition … then again, he doesn’t.

“I don’t think we’ll really figure it out until we start competing,” Fox said, before adding, “Kyle Orton’s our starter.”

Fox also addressed rumors Thursday that Orton, who started most of the 2010 season and often played well, is on the trading block even if he’s the anointed starter.
“I think it’d pretty hard to be both,” Fox said coyly.

He did offer praise to 2010 first-rounder Tim Tebow, saying he “did an outstanding job, has some of those intangibles you’re looking for.”

However Fox also plans on taking a long look at No. 3 QB Brady Quinn, like Tebow a first-round draft pick (2007 with Cleveland).

“All three, I think, you’re excited about,” said Fox.

Now does this man sound like someone who should be handling decisions when it comes to quarterbacks? You d#%n right it doesn’t.

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