Joba Chamberlain Prepared For The Upcoming MLB Season By Putting On 10-15 Pounds (Of Fat?)

Joba Chamberlain

The MLB season is right around the corner and soon, Spring Training will be underway. (Yay?) Joba Chamberlain kicked off his season by showing up to the New York Yankees facility to show off he is svelte new body. A body so svelte that it was easily noticeable that he had put on a few pounds. Few being 10-15.

But have no few those of you that read this and think that Chamberlain will now just be a bigger, fatter bust. Chamberlain wants you all to know that he feels great and he’s ready for the upcoming season.

Fudge sundaes usually make one feel great.

The 25-year-old pitcher showed up at the team’s minor-league complex yesterday to prepare for the 2011 season. The Yankees’ failure to sign Cliff Lee this winter and the retirement of Andy Pettitte has re-ignited the debate of whether Chamberlain would be more valuable as a starter or reliever.

Chamberlain appeared to be about 10-15 pounds heavier than last season. That is going to cause alarms to go off in the Yankees universe, but Chamberlain said he feels as if he’s in shape. He even built a gym at his home in Nebraska.

“I actually feel better,” said Chamberlain, who said he did not know his weight.

“My weight feels stronger. I feel great.”

Yeah, I know it says he built a home gym. And I know that makes you think he’s put on muscle. But c’mon. We’re talking about Joba Chamberlain here. Sundaes were definitely in play. You can’t convince me otherwise.

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