Jerry Jones Has Gone Into Hiding

Jerry Jones After the logistics debacle know as Super Bowl XLV was over, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones went into seclusion.

The outspoken owner usually boasts of his business savvy and beautiful new stadium but after an inauspicious Super Bowl experience for about 1200+ fans he has literally disappeared.

The weather was wildly unpredictable and bad for the Dallas area during Super Bowl week; I can’t blame Jones for that.

Even though Mother Nature didn’t quite cooperate with the biggest annual sporting event in the world, Jerry Jones should have been more focused on the fans that would potentially be left out in cold for the big game instead of a futile attempt to set a new stadium attendance record.

More than 800 fans had to be moved to makeshift seating in Cowboys Stadium while another 400 weren’t able to be seated at all.

Jerry Jones was securely seated in his luxury box with the likes of President George W. Bush, Condoleeza Rice and old Cowboy greats. In contrast, 1200 fans, who spent their hard earned money to attend the game, were shuffled around like a herd of grazing cows without sufficient seating.

Who do I think should pay? The NFL and Jerry Jones. ESPN reported that the fans have recently filed a $5M class action suit against the NFL and Jerry Jones.

$5M may be a little too outrageous a number, but listen to the offers they have received from the NFL. They can either attend next year’s Super Bowl free and receive $2400 bucks or attend any single future Super Bowl free with airfare and accommodations paid.

These people were snowed in during Super Bowl week, heard Christina Aguilera botch the National Anthem all while being moved to a screening room to watch the game.

Those offers are just a replacement of what they already paid for. How about a little extra for the inconvenience?

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  1. leeharveyosgood says:

    for most nfl fans, one or maybe two superbowls for their team in a lifetime are becoming scarce. more important than their kid's wedding. 1200 in the class action? award them $50,000 apiece, including their punitive damages, and increase the class suit to $60 million. this from a native dallas resident, that despises the jones 'thing' and knows the nfl will never have one here again. amen

  2. $60M in damages will make owners and the NFL think twice about this type of treatment towards the fans during future SuperBowls.

  3. leeharveyosgood says:

    I hope you're right los brown. The affected fans suffered needlessly for this managerial embarrassment, and nfl/jones' failure to priortize it. this town has also suffered enough, first with the kennedy assassination, and now with jones and his payrolled family. we are apparently stuck with these people, the jones 'element' until the second coming of Christ…

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