Illinois, Once Again, Is Setting Themselves Up To Be Zook’d

There’s always one guy that you at and wonder how he does it. The guy, from all accounts, looks to be in over his head, but for some reason, opportunities and rewards keeps coming to him. He screws something up, he gets a raise. He gets fired for screwing something up; people come knocking at his door to hire him to do the very thing he screwed up elsewhere.

That my friend is Ron Zook personified.

Zook took one of the best college football jobs in the nation at the University of Florida and screwed it up. Then after being ushered out, he somehow got the opportunity to try his hand at the same thing at the University of Illinois. And even after years of screw ups and mediocrity, Illinois has decided to give this man a raise.

What in the h*ll is going on at Illinois?

Illinois athletic director said Wednesday he was pleased with the progress of the football program’s 7-6 season and a victory in the Texas Bowl in the wake of significant staff changes before the season.

And he put Illinois’ money where his mouth is.

Guenther said coach Ron Zook received a raise of approximately $250,000 and each of his assistants received increases as well.

Guenther spoke to reporters Wednesday to give a sort of state of Illinois athletics address and said that while no football coaches received extensions, all received raises. Zook has three years remaining on his contract and now will make $1.75 million, up from about $1.5 million.

“I think (Zook) did an exceptional job of finding two coordinators, changed the offense, changed the defense and for the most part we are very pleased with where we’re at,” Guenther said.

For real? After a 7-6 season? For real?

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