Here’s The Tale Of The Time Ronaldo Wore A Diaper During Copa America

With soccer great Ronaldo announcing his retirement recently, predictably colleagues want to share memorable moments from his storied career. Moments that will let us in on just the type of man Ronaldo is. Former manager Vanderlei Luxemburgo recently revealed one of those memorable moments, but I’m not sure it shows us what type of man Ronaldo truly is. Unless, of course, Ronaldo is truly the type of man that enjoys wearing adult diapers.

According to Vanderlei Luxemburgo, who managed Ronaldo on both the Brazilian National Team and Real Madrid, the legendary striker wore adult diapers during the 1999 Copa America tournament as a result of incontinence.

It appears the diet pills the “Phenomenon” was taking at the time to control his burgeoning weight problems had some really, really unpleasant side effects.

“Ronaldo was already overweight, and we explored every possible way of making him drop some pounds,” Luxemburgo said, according to AS of Spain.

“The [team] doctor gave him medicine, Xenical, which was effective, but it also accelerated his bowel movements. So, in order to avoid any “incidents,” the player had to wear diapers, which embarrassed him.”

And that concludes “Memorable Ronaldo Moments” with Vanderlei Luxemburgo.

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