Fox To Use Glowing Cars For Daytona 500

Yes, glowing cars. Well actually, they’ll be using thermal cameras, but glowing cars sounds a lot better right?

The idea is that packs of cars can spew so much heat that cars trailing them have to back off or their engines will overheat. The glows, from two thermal cameras normally used to spot overheating in industrial settings, are meant to illustrate the temperatures around engines.

I guess that’s interesting.

But the glowing shots, which will be used only on replays, could also tell viewers how hot the cockpits are getting for drivers and can look pretty cool around the tires as cars speed out of pit stops. Just think of the possibilities, suggests Shanks. “I’ve seen what this camera looks like if a car flips over and flames come out,” he said. “That could be a spectacular image.”

Sounds fun. Wake me up when you guys really decide to use glowing cars.

Fox to use thermal camera replays for Daytona 500 (USA Today)

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