Come On Out To Party With Mike Vick And Off Duty SWAT Members

Mike Vick’s Super Bowl party

If you’re in the Dallas area this weekend and you’re looking to for the party that has just as much security as Fort Knox, then Mike Vick’s soiree is just for you.

Just picture it. You’re having drinks, dancing with beautiful females, and there’s a dude in the corner wearing a bullet-proof vest and carrying an assault rifle.

Can you even imagine a better time?

Jeff Skaggs — operating owner and GM — tells us there will be multiple security measures in place Friday night, including:

— Mike Vick will bring his own private security team
— The NFL is providing a security detail
— The club is bringing in extra members of their own security staff
— Guests will be searched and wanded on the way in

And the best part — Skaggs says he’s hired THREE off-duty SWAT Team members to patrol the vicinity during the party.

With all that protection, Skaggs tells us he’s “not worried one bit” about any trouble.

All that’s missing is those TSA machines that show your naked body on computer screens.

Mike Vick — SWAT Members to Work Super Bowl Party (TMZ)

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