Can The Lakers Regain Their Championship Form?

The Lakers are the NBA’s two-time defending champs, but have been ridiculed and berated by NBA analysts, writers and former players constantly over the past month.

During the Lakers 7-game road trip before the All-Star break, the team managed a 4-3 split with 3 consecutive losses which included defeating the Bobcats and Cavaliers, two of the league’s inferior squads.

Despite the overreaction to the Lakers current woes, the team is only 3 games off of last year’s championship pace.

If the playoffs began today, the Lakers would be the third seed in the West and overall they have the sixth best record in the league.

Are the Lakers bored with the regular season? Can they become the team they were last year? Only time will answer those questions.

Here is what we know. The Lakers have been in the NBA Finals three consecutive seasons, winning the last two. Their dominance has been questioned repeatedly over the last two years, but still managed to win two titles.

Oh, and they have Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Phil Jackson. Let’s allow this scene to play out. We’ve all been wrong more often than not when betting against the Lakers.

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