Brent Johnson Ends His Fight With Rick DiPietro Before It Begins

Pittsburgh Penguins’ Brent Johnson knocks out New York Islanders’ Rick DiPietro

Last night’s fight between the Brent Johnson and Rick DiPietro was unusual for a couple of reasons.

For one, the fight was between two goalies. And that almost never happens.

And two, the fight was not really a fight because it lasted all but one punch.

Johnson took exception to DiPietro clotheslining Cooke, a move that sparked a scrum in the right corner of the New York end. The Penguins’ goaltender took off his mask and charged down the ice, leaving DiPietro no honorable recourse but to skate out to meet him.

Referee Rob Martell saw what was coming and met Johnson at the Islanders’ blue line. Johnson, with a move injured teammate Sidney Crosby might bust, went right around Martell to meet up with DiPietro.

He then connected with a hard left to DiPietro’s left cheek.

“He’s got long arms,” said DiPietro, who sported a welt from Johnson’s haymaker.

Yes, that description is great and all, but the video is much better.

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