Apparently Stripping Off Your Clothes During A Meltdown Gets You Suspended For The Rest Of The Season

You all remember Greg Pankewicz, right. He was the assistant coach for the Colorado Eagles that lost his mind (and clothes) during an argument with an official. Yeah, that guy.

No doubt that we were all amused by Pankewicz’s meltdown, but apparently, the Central Hockey League isn’t. They are so not amused by Pankewicz’s penchant to remove his clothes when he gets angry that they have suspended him for the team’s final 14 games.

“The automatic suspension of one game and a fine came from throwing items onto the ice,” Central Hockey League Director of Operations Bob Huffan said.

Huffan said Pankewicz earned a harsher 14-game penalty as the angry stripping continued. Pankewicz threw his shoes and eventually his shirt. He continued the tirade in just pants and socks.

“Many people, I’m sure, have seen the video and have seen the lengths that it went to on top of that, which is what was taken into account during the deliberation process of what further penalties should be given to Mr. Pankewicz,” Huffan told CBS4.

The league commissioner issued a statement saying, “The Central Hockey League will not tolerate such behavior and found Mr. Pankewicz’s conduct to be completely unacceptable to our member clubs, the officiating staff and our fans.”

“He’s been suspended for the remainder of the regular season. What that equates to for the Eagles is they have 14 games remaining in the regular season. He’s more than able to coach in the playoffs,” Huffan said.

The Eagles spokesman said the team wouldn’t comment on the suspension.

Hold your head, Greg. No one will remember that you got suspended, but we will always remember that day that you stripped off your shirt during a meltdown.

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