Andray Blatche Is Using Twitter To Challenge Fans To Fights

It’s pretty obvious that playing for the Washington Wizards isn’t the most fun these days. Going out and getting demolished night after night gets old I’m sure. And it leaves the players with energy to spare seeing as though the games are often over by halftime. So it’s inevitably that the players will look for other ways to expend the energy that they don’t have to use when they’re getting beat by 20 points.

Andray Blatche has decided that his energy would be best used fighting with a fan after games. He’s also decided that Twitter would be the best place to find a fan who wouldn’t mind meeting to go at it.

Yep, this dude has officially lost his mind

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  2. I wonder if the fan has ever seen the size of a basketball player. Even the guys that look small are huge.

  3. are brock lesnar and tank abbott nba fans ??

  4. Anytime Ashtray!!!

  5. Andrew who?

  6. ChinaWarrior says:

    Man, I'll throw down with this guy just because he calls out people on Twitter, epitome of masculine. Just give me half the proceeds that a televised event rakes in.

    The Wizards suck and they are irrelevant!!!!!!
    SMDH. Who cares?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ok your an idiot. WoW. Win a game, jeezz

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