Alex Rodriguez Did Appreciate Fox Showing Us Cameron Diaz Feeding Him Popcorn

Cameron Diaz feeds Alex Rodriguez popcorn at the Super Bowl

You didn’t really think Alex Rodriguez would let us all continue to believe that he had his panties in a bunch over that whole popcorn feeding incident at the Super Bowl, right? You had to know that he would eventually deny, deny, and deny some more. It was just a matter of time. And that matter of time was A-Rod’s first press conference of spring training.

Alex Rodriguez sat down at the podium for his first spring training press conference and asked the opening question.

“Did anyone watch the Super Bowl?” Rodriguez said with a smile.

You know where this is going, right?

Rodriguez made light of his Super Bowl appearance in which he was shown on TV being fed popcorn by his girlfriend, actress Cameron Diaz. Rodriguez said that a report that he went “ballistic” at Fox for showing him was false.

“That was pretty humorous,” Rodriguez said. “Absolutely not, but five or six years ago I probably would have come out with some bogus statement.”

So now, instead of coming out with some bogus statement, you blow a little smoke a press conferences?

You’re growing up, A-Rod. You’re growing up.

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