Wade Phillips Finally Realizes That His Head Coaching Career Is Over

Wade Phillips

Yes, the man who publicly pointed out that his winning percentage is identical to Tom Landry’s (like that means anything) has finally realized what we all realized long ago. That his head coaching career is over.

Sure he was just a head coach a couple of months ago, be everyone knows (except Wade himself) that it was over well before he was even hired to ensure Dallas never meets its full potential.

Now, I must warn you. Phillips has a much different reason as to why his head coaching career is over than the rest of us. But let’s just focus on the fact that he finally realizes it. That is reason enough to celebrate.

Former Dallas Cowboys coach Wade Phillips said Monday that his career as a head coach is probably over.

Philllips, fired after the Cowboys’ 1-7 start, was hired by the Houston Texans as defensive coordinator last Wednesday.Texans coach Gary Kubiak fired defensive coordinator Frank Bush and three other defensive assistants.

Phillips was introduced to the media on Monday at Texans headquarters.

Phillips has a career record of 82-61. But he said his playoff record (1-5) and his mid-season season demise with the Cowboys, 11-5 in 2009, has likely ended his head coaching possibilities.

“It’s perception sometimes, more than reality,” Phillips said. “I’ve won a lot of games, but I don’t see me being a head coach again because of the perception.”

Yeah and sometimes perception IS reality, Wade. And that “sometimes” certainly pertains to your situation.

But at any rate, glad you’ve finally came over to our side. You’ll like it much better over here.

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