Shawne And Marvin Williams Trade Punches, Get Ejected

Shawne Williams and Marvin Williams fighting

The new year has been a rather rough one for Knicks forward Shawne Williams. First, he got the pleasure of having Ron Artest’s hand wrapped around his throat. And last night, he got into to a scuffle with Hawks forward Marvin Lewis.

It started with the two players jostling as they ran side-by-side. Marvin Williams took exception to being bumped by Shawne and shoved him in the back of the head, or “mushed” him, as Shawne called it. That caused Shawne to turn and confront the Hawks’ veteran forward, who was a college teammate of Raymond Felton at North Carolina.

Both were ejected and the Hawks went on to win 111-102.

Shawne Williams, Marvin Williams fight, Knicks lose to Hawks, suffer hangover from LeBron, Heat (NY Daily News)

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  1. story says marvin lewis lol

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