SEC Insufferableness Now Comes In T-Shirt Form

SEC five in a row t-shirt

For those of you that loathe southerners chanting “SEC” whenever a member school accomplishes something of merit, like winning a National Championship, things have gotten worse.

Now, your friend that is a fan of Kentucky or the coworker that is Ole Miss alum can prance around and chant “SEC” through this t-shirt.

No matter which powerhouse you cheer for on Saturdays, show the world that you represent the most unstoppable force in college football with this commemorative tee celebrating the Southeastern Conference’s fifth BCS National Title in so many years.

God help us all.

It features a conference logo on the left chest, while the back reads, “5 Football National Champions in a Row” over the names and years of the recent victors: Florida in 2006, LSU in 2007, Florida (again) in 2008, Alabama in 2009 and Auburn in 2010! This in-your-face tee is a must-have for silencing the naysayers and letting the SEC’s hardware do the talking. Here’s to (at least) five more years of total domination!

If only this t-shirt could silence the naysayers and anyone that is actually wearing it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey now leave Kentucky fans out of this–evidently you didn't know UK football isn't exactly a powerhouse. But yes, I know what you mean. It's like when I went to Cabo and had to see Yankee fans wearing their shirts listing all their titles or whatever..give me a frickin break

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