Roy Williams Would Like For Carolina Fans To Keep Their Calls To Themselves During His Radio Show

Roy Williams

I can’t say that I’m an expert when it comes to sports talk radio, but I’m pretty sure that I have the concept down. I’ll walk through my understanding of it just to be sure.

– Host or guest gives his analysis of a certain subject or game
– Callers call in and give their opinion or ask questions about said subject or game
– Host or guest responds and gives their opinion and analysis about caller’s opinion or question
– Rinse and repeat

Sounds about par for the course, right? Well, apparently not for UNC coach Roy Williams’ radio show. Especially after coming off a blowout loss to Georgia Tech struggling with Clemson before putting them away.

You see, Tarheel fans are getting a little restless about Roy’s current squad, so they’ve began to voice their displeasure to Roy during his radio show. And let’s just say, Roy doesn’t like it.

Following Tuesday’s win over Clemson, Williams began to spew, and seemingly was unable to stop himself before going too far, once again.

Obviously still angry over negative questions from callers to his radio show on Monday, a day after the Tar Heels were blown out by Georgia Tech, the coach took an opportunity to express his disappointment with his program’s base.

“Everybody talks about how poorly they played at Georgia Tech,” he said, although not prompted about the show or the calls he took on the air. “My radio call in show last night stunk. Everybody’s talking about there being Carolina fans for nine million years and how bad we were. I don’t give a damn how long they’ve been Carolina fans. Those are kids in the locker room and they played their buns off tonight.”

Buns? Oh yeah, he’s pissed.

Williams was still ticked off about being ticked off the night before. The phone callers asked legitimate questions, it’s just that Williams couldn’t stand the answers or thoughts percolating within.

“I can remember working for coach (Dean) Smith, and we go down to Clemson and we got beat 93-76 and I though the world was going to end. It was 1979 or 80, and I’ll never forget that. You go check that and I guarantee you that it’s right. But we didn’t have everybody calling a show talking about my team. So, don’t call me next week saying how good we are, keep your damn phone calls to yourself.”

Poor Roy. Looks like the honeymoon is over. The man really needs to calm down because based on what I’ve seen on the court, it’s only going to get worse.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Gonna get worse, huh? Nice call Nostradomus. Since that game they haven't lost and just blew out BC on the road by 30. Will they lose again? Sure. Mutliple times? Sure. But to say based on what you saw on the court it is "only gonna get worse"…they had one really bad game against Ga Tech (re: see Duke's game against St. Johns). Did you even watch UNC game against Kentucky or Texas? C'mon..if you are gonna write about sports act like you've watched a whole season before and realize that one game means absolutley nothing.

  2. i just want to know if john henson is going to play.

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