OJ Mayo And Tony Allen Fight On Team Plane Over Gambling Debt

OJ Mayo

The Memphis Grizzles’ team flight got a little festive on Monday night as everyone was treated to watching Tony Allen coldcock OJ Mayo over a gambling debt. According to Yahoo! Sports, Allen asked to be paid his money and Mayo didn’t like it. Mayo then went on a tirade that ended in him catching one to the face.

After a card game gone awry, Memphis Grizzlies teammates O.J. Mayo and Tony Allen had to be separated during a physical encounter on the team’s charter flight Monday, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Mayo owed Allen money from a card game, “Boo-Ray” and sources said Mayo became increasingly belligerent and antagonistic toward Allen when asked to settle the debt. Sources said Allen walked away from Mayo to go the restroom and returned to find Mayo continuing to berate him. Eventually, Mayo inched close to Allen, and sources said Allen hit Mayo.

“Tony warned [Mayo] to watch his mouth, and [Mayo] wouldn’t do it and just kept going off on him,” a source with knowledge of the incident told Yahoo! Sports.

Mayo missed a 110-105 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday night. Despite the team’s insistence that Mayo missed Tuesday’s game with bronchitis, sources said his absence was connected to the fight with Allen.

Allen replaced Mayo in the lineup and scored 19 points, playing a key role in the Grizzlies’ victory. Sources said the two players talked on Monday and Tuesday and both expressed regret about the incident.

So let’s recap:

– OJ Mayo isn’t very good at “Boo Ray” and owes Tony Allen money
– OJ Mayo then gets beat down by Tony Allen for not paying up
– OJ Mayo then gets benched for getting beat down by Tony Allen

Happy New Year, OJ Mayo.

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