The Miami Heat Buys Former Star’s Mansion

Miami Heat buys Tim Hardaway’s old house The Miami Heat Limited Partnership, the group that owns the basketball franchise, is apparently trying it’s luck in the real estate world.

According to reports by, the ownership group bought former Heat star’s, Tim Hardaway, troubled asset, a 7500-square foot mansion in Miami.

Last June, the IRS filed a tax lien against the property, because of $120K of owed back taxes, which was subsequently purchased by the Heat owners in September.

The reported purchase price was $1.9M and the group currently has the home listed on for $2.5M.

After retiring from the NBA IN 2003, Hardaway’s professional career and reputation took a massive hit from his homophobic comments back in February of 2007. During an interview, Hardaway stated, “Well, you know I hate gay people……

Since that incident his career as a basketball analyst and executive has been damaged.

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  1. I hate gay people too

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